Residential Model SERVO Stabilizer (3kva-150kva)

Special protections:

  Over load Protection
  Short Circuit trip
  ime Delay controls
  High voltage cut-off
  Low voltage cut-off

Servocom Features:

  97 to 98.5% efficiency (Achieved by use of hi-quality core and copper Transformers)
  Speed of correction up to 60v/sec
  Immune to load power factor and frequency variations
  Very high reliability, easy and simple maintenance
  Life expectancy 20-25 years
  System conforms to IS 9815-1994
  Transformer oil: IS 335,IEC 296

µcic-2016 Features:

  Input and Output Low Voltage protections.
  7-Segment Display to using view of input & output voltage, Output current.
  Output ON adjustable time delay
  Over load cut off time setting
  Voltage cut off time setting
  Output voltage adjustable setting (210-245)Volt
  Sensitivity and regulation adjustable
  Microcontroller based Programmable Control circuits

Key Function:Specifications:

  Menu Key : To view parameters/ settings
  Start Key : To switch ON output load/ select the digit (SET Mode)
  Stop Key : To switch OFF output load/ edit the selected digit (SET Mode)


Cooling Air cooled / Oil cooled
Capacity 1Kva to 1000Kva
Input voltage 140-270v / 170-270v 1Phase AC ,
240-460v / 295-465v / 340-460v ,
360-460v / 340-480vv 3Phase AC
Output voltage 230v / 240 (+/_) 1% 1phase AC
380 / 400v / 415 (+/_) 1% 3phase AC
System-connections 4 wire, RYBA, star
Operating frequency 47-53HZ
Output voltage adjustable 380v to 415 v AC in 3Phase
220 to 240v AC in 1Phase
Output voltage regulation (+/_) 1% (any load)
Correction rate 35v/sec-1Phase
60v / sec-3Phase
Insulation class ‘ f ’ (Transformers)
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to 50 ℃
Humidity up to 95 % RH max
Conforms to IS 9815-1994
Transformer oil IS 335, IEC 296