About Us

About company

SERVOCOM TECHNOLOGIES is managed by a team of design engineers with over 18 years of experience in the field of power electronic equipments. We are one of the best manufactures of power conditioning & power saving equipments with latest technology.

SERVOCOM products are manufactured at Coimbatore. SERVOCOM brand is synonymous with awesome quality and active service support-which are our main focus. The above attributes have helped us in realizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SERVOCOM introduced ourself that we are one of the leading and growing manufacturers and marketers of Power Electronics Industries. SERVOCOM manufacturing of a Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers for Industries and Residential, Isolation Transformer, Online UPS, APFC panels, Solar Products, Step up ,Step down Transformers.

Textile, Engineering, Automobile, Printing, Packaging, Garments, Dyeing, Weaving, Residential, Hospitals, Granite, Shopping malls, FMCG industries and many more

SERVOCOM vision is establishing best brand and certified organization.

Our Products


Isolation Transformer

SERVOCOMisoiation transformer all type of noises,spikes, sugers & transients can be eliminated to a greater extent.


Servo Stabilizer

avoid breakdown, ensure longer life of the equipments & save in energy during high incoming voltages.


Solar Power Integrator

Our company provides full chain solar power integration services from a free consultation to commissioning and post sales service.


Online Ups

Designed for customer oriented, Harsh electrical and environmental conditions. servocom ups is a long life model.


SERVOCOM will strive to deliver best in class products ensured with high level customer satisfaction.
SERVOCOM always will strive to add a value for your organization which ofcourse will be a feather on your cap.


To create a winning culture of high positiveness such that it results in vibrant attitude of internal and external customers.
To create a winning network of customers and suppliers resulting in mutually enduring value.

The production unit has been following the quality policy ISO 9001-2008 plan. Continually strive to achieve zero defects in products processes and services.

When it comes to Power Saving and Power Conditioning you can count us to get the job done right and on time, every time. Whether you require single Phase (or) three phase, higher (or) lower capacity, We possess the skills and equipments to meet your requirement and satisfaction.

Please contact us and let us show you how we deliver faster, with superior quality, and knock-your-socks. If you are looking for Power Conditioning & Power Saving Equipment or solution for Power Problems, off customer service. This is the sole objective of team and as an organization, This attitude that the Customer is King is bound to be us reaching the top rung of the ladder of success.

Hope you will find the above in line with your requirements. If you need any details clarification please feel free to call the undersigned.