We are committed to being very aggressive in our attitude towards quality and customer service, primarily since we want to be ranked as the "best" in our business. Quality is not just another goal, it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.
SERVOCOM is committed to QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY and COST-EFFECTIVENESS, and will Provide products and services which meet or exceed customer needs and expectations
Servocom products which meet customer specifications Strive to meet customer's target values. Monitor customer satisfaction.


  • premium Quality & Tested Raw Material
  • Cost-Effective Products
  • Innovative Designs
  • Latest Technology
  • Variety of Capacities
  • Highly Accurate Dimensions
  • Long Running Life Cycle
  • High Power Savings
  • Highly Efficiency
  • On Time Delivery
  • Skilled Engineers
  • Prompt Service
  • ....And many more

Deliver on-time
Ship on the date required by the customer.
Monitor on-time delivery performance.

Reduce all costs to the lowest possible level
Establish Cost Reduction Programs.
Monitor the Cost of Quality.

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1.    SERVOCOM will strive to ensure the customer trust forever.
2.    To be a great leader in the industry.
3.    SERVOCOM will strive to & for the products which will be energy efficient and would ensure greener future.
4.    Bringing down the carbon foot print will be our primary goal.
5.    SERVOCOM will strive to deliver best in class products ensured with high level customer satisfaction.
6.    SERVOCOM always will strive to add a value for your organization which ofcourse will be a feather on your cap.
7.    Be a responsible organization that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities.


1.    To create a winning network of customers and suppliers resulting in mutually enduring value.
2.    To create a winning culture of high positiveness such that it results in vibrant attitude of internal and external customers.
3.    To create on inspiring creativity combined with zeal of optimisim.
4.    To live our values of leadership, intergrity and accountability.
5.    To be preferred as best employer, to always ensure quality.
6.    To ensure the quality, we will adhere to all the standards like ISO 9001-2008, CE,... more.
7.    To achieve 100CR turn over before 2025.
8.    To achieve atleast 10,000 dedicated customers by 2025.
9.    To create an undisputable Genuine brand of SERVOCOM in our customers heart.
10.    To grow in a wide angle such that we will have branches in all over INDIAN States.
11.    To establish our own Hitech manufacturing facility in 10,000 sqft by 2025.