Servo Stabilizer

Servo Stabilizer

Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer (3kva-1000kva)


Servocom Features:

  97 to 98.5% efficiency (Achieved by use of hi-quality core and copper Transformers)
  Speed of correction up to 60v/sec
  Immune to load power factor and frequency variations
  Very high reliability, easy and simple maintenance
  Life expectancy 20-25 years
  System conforms to IS 9815-1994
  Transformer oil: IS 335,IEC 296

Micro controller-2016 True RMS Mother Board


Micro controller-2016 Features:

  LCD monitor is used to view of input & output voltage,Output current and freis quency.
  Auto/manual output on.
  Output ON adjustable time delay
  Over load cut off time setting
  Voltage cut off time setting
  Last 30 fault events Data log view
  Output voltage adjustable setting (210-245)Volt
  Sensitivity and regulation adjustable
  Microcontroller based Programmable Control circuits

Three Phase Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer (3kva-200kva)

Three Phase

Special protections:

  Over load Protection
  Short Circuit trip
  Time Delay controls
  Phase reversal protection
  High voltage cut-off
  Low voltage cut-off
  Single phasing preventer

Single Phase Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer (1kva-30kva)

Single Phase

Led Indication:

  Input fail - Red LED
  Phase Reversal Indication (PHR) - Red LED
  Overload Indication (OVL) - Red LED
  Output ON - Green LED
  Mains Input on 10mm three LED indications
  Three phase output on10mm one LED indication

Residential Model SERVO Stabilizer (3kva-200kva)


Key Function:

  Menu Key - To view parameters/ settings
  Start Key - To switch ON output load/ select the digit(SET Mode)
  Stop Key - To switch OFF output load/ edit the selected digit(SET Mode)
  Log Key - To view fault error log